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Apple Buys Beats for Billions

Beats goes to Apple. This gives a good explanation of the why. Love the Beats guy describing the iPhone headphones as ‘sounding like a mosquito”!  

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Apple Buys Beats

This acquisition doesn’t make sense to me but what do I know? Possibly some grand plan to do something that I don’t see or is it just a company with too much money splurging?A lot of big corporations have bought dud companies in the recent past which haven’t worked out and they then resell at a loss. Apple doesn’t generally do …

Safari Security Update Available

Safari has an update available in Software Updates under the Apple menu top left of your screen.There are constant security fixes as the bad guys try to hack our Macs, Definitely worth installing…

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iPads Don’t Wear Out – It’s Hurting Apple’s Sales

We are used to built in obsolescence from tech companies, but iPads don’t wear out! Interesting article showing how that is hurting Apple as sales are falling due to this fact. Read the comments section after the article for a variety of informed comments.  

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Will Apple Make a Big Screen Phone?

The case for big a screen on your phone goes on. Phablets abound on the Android platform but does anyone really want them? Apparently they do, if these stats from the UK are correct. Or is it a case of the bogan approach ‘look how big my screen is’ rather like look how much my car cost etc. Most men I know …

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Updates to iTunes and OSX 10.9 Mavericks

2 updates to install: iTunes 11.2 and OSX 10.9.3 both free and worth installing. Get them via Software Update under the Apple menu top left of your Mac screen. Its generally a good idea to install updates that are offered by Apple: they are constantly working on bug and glitch fixes and so usually improve the performance of your machine…   …

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iPhone 6 With a Bigger Screen?

If you prefer a bigger screen on your smartphone then the new iPhone 6 may be for you. I’m quite happy with the iPhone 5 size, fits in my pocket which a bigger one wouldn’t…   l  

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Best iPad Games

Another list…    

Lightforce Closes It’s Doors After 22 Years In Byron Bay

Things have come to a pretty poor state when a business like Lightforce Computers can’t make it as viable business. They have been open in Byron for 22 years and have seen margins squeezed by big business to the extent that makes remaining open unrealistic. Now that Harvey Norman and other big traders can sell Apple products and shave their …

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A timely reminder: having had another client lose all her data this week due to hard drive failure and not backing up, may I suggest once again that everyone run a Time Machine backup. If the drive is under warranty it will be replaced but YOUR DATA IS YOUR OWN RESPONSIBILITY! Time Machine is the built-in software that backs up the …